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Dilantin Side Effect lawyers

Dilantin is a prescription drug prescribed to epileptics to manage temporal lobe seizures (a type of seizure caused by disease in the cortex of the temporal [side] lobe of the brain affecting smell, taste, sight, hearing, memory, and movement) and grand mal seizures (a type of seizure in which the individual experiences a sudden loss of consciousness immediately followed by generalized convulsions). Dilantin may also be used to prevent and treat seizures that can occur during and after neurosurgery (surgery of the brain and spinal cord).

Dilantin, which is manufactured by Phizer, was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and put on the market on Novemer 20, 2001. Although the drug has not been recalled, it can cause serious and even fatal side effects to its users. It is important to remember to always ask your doctor before discontinuing the use of Dilantin if you have been taking it regularly. Abruptly discontinuing your prescription may cause a condition called status epilepticus, causing prolonged or repeated epileptic seizures without any recovery of consciousness between attacks.

A major side effect of Dilantin is called Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a severe allergic reaction to the drug. Other side effects of taking Dilantin include: confusion, constipation, discolored urine (pink, red, or brown), fatigue, slurred speech, agitation, anemia, bone marrow depression, chest discomfort, difficulty learning (children), dizziness, fever and chills, frequent bone fractures or breaks, headache, joint pain, light gray stools, low thyroid function, malformed bones, numbness or tingling in extremities (long-term use), painful erection, restlessness, severe stomach pain, severe skin reaction, shallow or troubled breathing, uncontrolled jerking of limbs, uncontrolled facial movements, unusual bleeding or bruising, weight loss, and yellow eyes or skin.

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If you or your child has suffered Stevens Johnson Syndrome or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis from taking brand name Dilantin, please contact an SJS lawyer at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP immediately. We are representing Stevens Johnson Syndrome victims nationwide.

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